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Using the left menu bar, you can choose between which catalog you want to view. In the overview in each catalog you will see a product selection. You can change to the next or previous page at the bottom of the page you are on using the arrows, or the page choice menu you can choose directly which page you want to go to. With each object you have the choice to place the object directly into the shopping cart, or you can see more details by clicking the „more details“ button, of course you can also place your object into the shopping cart from here too.

Search for Item

Using the Search feld in the navigation menu you can search specifically for certain items. Enter either the Item number or product name. You can always use the advanced Search using the link below, which gives you more options to refine your search. If you are not sure about your search term, you can use partial terms and wild cards.

Adding your products to shopping cart

If you would like to add more products to your shopping cart, simply click on the catalogs in the menu to return to the assortment. The contents of your shopping cart are saved automatically. If you want to buy several copies of a specific product, simply increase the number in the input field under "Quantity" in the cart or in the detailed view of the respective product before you place it in the basket.

Delete products in your shopping cart

If you accidentally put a product into the shopping cart, you can easily remove it at any time. Simply click on the paper basket icon in the shopping cart to delete the given item. This recalculates the total price and the remaining quantity.

Customer login and password

If you have already ordered from us and have set up a customer account with your order, you have access to your personal account via the link "my account". This gives you several advantages. First, you can shorten the ordering process by entering your email address and password; The address information is automatically supplemented by your saved data. Furthermore, as a customer, you can always check your orders via "my account" and also change your personal data. Or even tracking of your orders may be possible, e.g. For deliveries with GLS.

What happens if I forget my password?

No problem. Just click on "forgot password" and we will send it to you in an e-mail. Then you can change the password in your personal menu.


We will also help you personally if you like.